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A History of the Friends

Since 1752 the town of Newington has had a library, and although the name and location of the library has changed many times since then, one thing remained constant; there were people in town devoted to serving and supporting the library. While there was not a formal Friends organization until 1961, without those who befriended and supported the library in the past, we would not have the treasure we now have.

We would like to tip our figurative hats to some of the Friends from the Past:
Jedediah Deming,
Elisha William Kirkham,
Hudson Stoddard,
Mrs. Chidley of Newington Junction,
                            Fanny A.Welles,
                          Mary Welles Eddy
                          and E. Welles Eddy

The present home of the Newington Public Library was built and dedicated to Lucy Robbins Welles in 1939.

In March 1961 a group of Newington residents met to form a Friends of the Library organization. The aim of the group was to focus public attention on the services and needs of the Lucy Robbins Welles Library.  Some of the first Friends sponsored programs were the newsletter and an Author-Illustrator Tea. The Friends continue to sponsor the design, printing, and mailing of the library newsletter, footnotes and Calendar of Events.

1979 – Rejuvenated and 700 members strong, the Friends organized and ran a successful used book sale which is now a semi-yearly event.

Feb. 1988 – the newly renovated and expanded Lucy Robbins Welles Library opens with money for new furnishings raised by the Friends’ “Going Out of Building Auction” as well as money for new books and materials raised thru other fundraising events. $70,000 was pledged toward equipment and furnishings by the Business Friends.

Sept 2010 to Dec 2011 - the 50th Anniversary Celebration: Celebrating 50 Years of Service.

The Friends continue to serve and support the Lucy Robbins Welles Library by raising funds to support the Summer and Winter Reading Programs, the Museum and Attraction Pass program, special Children, Teen and Adult programming, the purchase of DVDs, eReaders, laptops and other electronic devices, beautification projects and much, much more.

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