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Volunteer Opportunities

Becoming a volunteer for the Friends is a rewarding experience.

Join Us! Email us at 

You will be contacted by the Committee Chair to

discuss your volunteer possibilities.

The following is a brief description of the volunteer opportunities.

Adopt-A -Shelf

Work on your own time schedule and assist the librarians in keeping the collection in order on the shelves. The Non-Fiction area is always in need of being put in order and maybe the biggest challenge.

Book Sales
Join this vibrant committee, there are all types of jobs at all levels.

From volunteering at the big sales in November and May, to weekly sorting of the donated books, to the daily on-going sale, there are plenty of up-front and behind-the-scenes work.

Election Day Library Card Registration

Volunteers are located at different voting places on Election Day, to sign up voters for library cards and to inform them of library programs. Shifts are usually 2 hours long.


Fund Raising Events
This committee is composed of individuals who like  to work on, one-time, short term events.              
Whether it is during the planning stages, the day of event or somewhere in between, your help will make our event a success.

If you like to bake, this may be the committee for you.  There are some events throughout the year such as our Annual Meeting in June or the Friends' Reception in October that we like to serve refreshments.
By joining the Hospitality Committee you can help provide the refreshments.

Membership Activities


This committee assists with mailings to the members, attend Friends sponsored events to promote membership to the Friends, and do meet and greet days.  There are plenty behind-the-scene jobs too!

Newsletter Mailing 
Come by for a few hours to assist with the stuffing, labeling, and mailing of the Library's Footnotes and Calendar of Events. Generally mailing days are held on the 3rd or 4th Thursday mornings, five times a year.

Social Media / Publicity
The Friends have a website and a Facebook page that needs volunteers to keep them up to date. In addition if we had a willing volunteer there may be other social media that would be of benefit to the Friends.
There is a need for people who would help to advertise our events such as our Book Sales, Wine and Cheese Social by distributing flyers, sending press releases or performing other tasks.

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