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Committee Chairs


Standing Committees

 Name of Chair(s)


 Anita Wilson*



 Annual Meeting

 Natalie Harbeson*

 Book Sale - Spring & Fall

 Brian Wood*


 Book Sale - On-going

 Fred Berner

 Communication - Mailing Committee

 JoAnn Cromwell*

 Communication - Webmaster

 Terri Buganski*/Natalie Harbeson*

 Communication - Media (Facebook, etc.)

 Natalie Harbeson*

 Events - Bus Trips


 Events - Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase

 Brian Wood*

 Events - Election Day Library Card Registration

 Kathleen Holland

 Events - Water Fall Festival

 Brian Wood*

 Events - Wine & Cheese Social

 Terri Buganski*



 Mary Wood*

 Friends Corner

 Natalie Harbeson*


 Ann Marino*

 Nominating - 3rd year/Chair

 Terri Buganski*

 Nominating - 2nd year


 Nominating - 1st year

 Nora Bassell*




* Individual serves on the Advisory Board

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